Replace your Thirsty Thursdays with T-Group, a treatment group designed for individuals struggling with substance use disorders offered in the comfort of a private office setting. Avoid the cookie-cutter bureaucratic agency treatment group and join us for uniquely effective treatment in a comfortable setting that forbids fluorescent lighting. In this group you can expect to combat your addiction with a full arsenal of interventions, including the use of the arts, psycho-education, theoretical interventions (CBT, REBT, Narrative, DBT, MET), weekly planning, assertiveness training, role playing, and other experiential techniques. This is a hands on approach to overcoming your addiction.  Whether you are abusing alcohol, illicit drugs, or narcotic medications, we welcome anyone with a substance use disorder to T-Group.

Offered every Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

Contact us today for an evaluation to become accepted into our group or if you are a service provider looking to refer a client to this group.  

Disclaimer: Group members may be asked to leave anytime that they present to group in an impaired state due to safety concerns. Patients will not be allowed to drive themselves off of the property while intoxicated and will be asked to call for a ride if they arrive to group visibly impaired.