Catalyst Counseling of Connecticut, LLC aims to extinguish mental and emotional anguish by facilitating change and promoting individual growth.

Our company is fueled by passion for serving individuals in need of reaching a better quality of life. We believe that any one can get what they want out of their lives, and become their own guides for creating lasting daily fulfillment.

The use of a moon-like figure as our logo is a symbol that represents our belief about human growth and transition throughout the course of a lifetime. We like to think of the human spirit as a fixed presence that transitions through different phases all the while giving off different light, at times more visible than at other times. Much like the moon, we are sometimes whole and fully enacting our potential, present to not just the world but to ourselves, feeling fulfilled in our relationships, professions, passionate pursuits, and having our needs met. During other times, we are less full, less actualized, either because we are in a time of hardship, great change, or because we've simply lost our sense of purpose. At Catalyst Counseling, we understand that the moon cannot always be full, that the waxing and waning is actually what keeps our world in balance. What we hope to do is help individuals learn how to weather those phase transitions bravely, so that they can always make it back to being fuller and brighter than before.