Most of us are born with primal instincts that will keep us alive for 84-100 years. What most of us are not born with are instructional manuals on how that full life should be spent, and what decisions must be made in order to ensure it's one well spent. During cave man days, we had little concern for how to spend our daily lives because it was dictated by a continuous need to gather or hunt food, ward off predators, build and maintain shelter, mate, and protect our offspring, and that is it.  Speed ahead to the present day, and not only do we need to spend less time meeting our basic needs, we have an overwhelming amount of options for how we are going to get all of our needs met.  It seems as though some people were born with those instruction manuals, or at least knew where to pick one up; they find the career they want to pursue, find the right partner they want to spend most of their time with, achieve the type of standard of living they sought out as kids, and it leaves some of us scratching our heads and wondering why it isn't so easy for us. Some of us have still not yet defined what it is we want out of the rest of our lives, yet we are willing to explore what it could be. There are also some of us who are pleased with the success we have achieved in our lives so far, but feel as though we are no longer feeling fulfilled, or recognize that we can achieve higher self actualization. All of which, brings us to an interest in therapeutic life coaching services.

Therapeutic Life Coaching Offers:

  • Hands on experiential techniques for life purpose exploration. 
  • Work defining personal values, ethics, and morals and guidance on how to consistently apply them in order to live more genuinely.
  • Strategies for defining and achieving practical goals related to relationships, education, careers, professional or social networking, entrepreneurial pursuits, effective communication, leadership, finances, organization, stress management, holistic health.
  • Work developing, enhancing, or refining communication skills
  • Accountability for identifying goals, creating practical steps toward them, and reaching them
  • Assertiveness training
  • Healthy confrontation around identifying and eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Assistance with discovering barriers to success and eradicating stagnation
  • Leadership development

Therapeutic Life Coaching is not for:

  • Anyone struggling with active symptoms of a mental health condition
  • Individuals actively abusing (or dependent on) alcohol, prescription narcotic medication, or illicit substances
  • Anyone looking for a comparable replacement for traditional therapy or treatment for a mental health condition
  • Those seeking services billable by insurance providers
  • Those looking for a supplemental program for behavioral health or mental health therapy that has been recommended to you by a loved one, employer, medical care provider, or mandated by court.
  • Anyone looking to spend a significant amount of time developing insight and understanding about their past

While our professionals are licensed therapists and will utilize some methods from theories and interventions that are used in therapy, they will not be practicing therapy with their life coaching clients.  When practicing Life Coaching, our professionals are present and future focused, looking to empower their clients to surpass barriers to success and achieve life changing goals. Life coaching is for individuals who are well and ready to change their lives, and to put in the tough work to begin doing so immediately.

Schedule a Consultation:

Therapeutic life coaching may or may not be the answer you are looking for. Schedule a consultation and work with one of our therapists to determine if this is the right step for you. Committing to a consultation does not mean you are committed to engaging in therapeutic life coaching. Schedule an appointment today and see what this service can offer you.